When you volunteer at the Y, you provide leadership and talent that are vital to empowering people and communities.

  • Volunteer as a cause driven leader within our Board of Directors.

  • Become a campaigner to raise money to ensure the Y is accessible to all children through our Partners With Youth, Annual Community Support Campaign.

  • Encourage and influence by lending a hand in our after school and schools out programming.

  • Advocate for the Y's efforts to influence policies and initiatives that positively impact social issues of importance to our community.


Board of Directors 


President -  Jason Underwood

Vice President - Kathy Emerick

Secretary - Jeff Rounds

Treasurer -Sean Patton

Faraz Ahmed

Sarah Bumps 

Steve Crown

Claudia De Robles

Norma Gallegos

Kay Gilbert

Steve Kolk

Carolyn Magee

Danielle Marchant

Tom Merrill

Don Myers

Alicia Nakata

Caitilin Newman

Julie Norton

Agustin Reyes

Art Ruckman

Sue Severson

Cindy Ulrich

Rana Wilcox

David Woods